03 February 2009

Agrarian Crisis In India

D. Narasimha Reddy and Srijit Mishra (eds.) Agrarian Crisis In India, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2009, pp.xxix+286, Rs.695, ISBN-13: 978-0-19-569595-3, ISBN-10: 569595-X.

Cover flap:
For more than a decade, Indian Agriculture has been marked by deceleration in growth and distress of farmers. This crisis is structural and institutional in nature, with farmers' suicides symptomatic of dee-seated maladies that have engulfed the agriculture sector. This book brings together for the first time a detailed analysis of this crisis in all its dimensions.

The complexity of the issues is unravelled by addressing both the macro context and the regional-level manifestations of the agrarian crisis. The macro dimensions include detailed analysis of structural, institutional and policy changes; institutional credit; and state of agricultural research. Case studies of five states-Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, and Punjab, which experienced high and unusual incidence of farmers' suicides and agrarian distress-present the micro-perspectives. These case studies not only bring out the diversity of conditions prevalent in the states, but also highlight the common problem of failure of public support systems in agriculture. The methods used range from models of explanation based on data from national surveys to discussion of state-specific situations seen through farmer household surveys.

Providing a comprehensive picture of the state of Indian agriculture at eh turn of the twenty-first century, this book will be useful to researchers, policy makers, civil society organizations, and students of Indian economy, polity, and society.

Foreword by R. Radhakrishna
1.Agriculture in the Reforms Regime by D. Narasimha Reddy and Srijit Mishra, pp.3-43.
2.Capital Formation in Indian Agriculture: National and State Level Analysis by Ramesh Chand, pp.44-60.
3.Agricultural Credit and Indebtedness: Ground Realities and Policy Perspectives by S. L. Shetty, pp.61-86.
4.Managing Vulnerability of Indian Agriculture: Implications for Research and Development by Suresh Pal, pp.87-106.
5.Farmers' Distress in Modernizing Agriculture-The Tragedy of the Upwardly Mobile: An Overview by V. M. Rao, pp.109-125.
6.Agrarian Distress and Farmers' Suicides in Maharashtra by Srijit Mishra, pp.126-163.
7.Farmers' Suicides and Unfolding Agrarian Crisis in Andhra Pradesh by S. Galab, E. Revathi, and P. Prudhvikar Reddy, pp.164-198.
8.Agrarian Transition and Farmers' Distress in Karnataka by R. S. Deshpande, pp.199-229.
9.Distress, Debt, and Suicides among Farmer Households: Findings from Village Studies in Kerala by K. N. Nair and Vineetha Menon, pp.230-260.
10.Agrarian Crisis in Punjab: High Indebtedness, Low Returns, and Farmers' Suicides by Karam Singh, pp.261-284.

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