29 March 2009

Dance ... Kathak

Pandit Sunayana Hazarila the Kathak danseuse from Banaras gharana of Pandit Jankiprasad performed at IGIDR as part of SPIC-MCCAY on 28 March 2009. As per her introductory remarks, this dance form emerged the rendition of katha (story) in community forums and temples. The narrator also combined katha with movements of the face, and other body parts. Over time, it also moved into Mogul courts where emphasis on sensuous forms took roots; this being different from the notion of love depicting bhakti, say Radha-Krushna.

The evening was nice, made lively by the Tabla mastro Pandit A Mishra with his interactive sessions, his natkhat pan and the jugalbandi along with Sunayanaji's explanations. Both of them complemented the sound arrangement at IGIDR. Pandit Alka Gujjar with Veena and Pandit S Mishra in Harmonioum provided the perfect background. In the end, the dance by Sunayananji to the rendition of Lashkar na jaiyo (Do not go to war) by Pandit S Mishra in umpteen forms will keep echoing in our minds for a long time.

On a personal note, this was the first time that Nerika joined with us and she sat through the programme as also while giving company to the artists for dinner. We had a nice evening.

At the end the audience is left with the questions whether the ghongroo guides the tabla or the table guides the ghongroo. Either way, they are in awe! And, they want more.

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