23 April 2009

Indian Votes for Loksabha: Phase II 2009

The second phase of elections is for 141 parliamentary seats (see Map). Voting for Inner Manipur took place yesterday. For the remaining 140, it is taking place today (23 April 2009). The distribution across the 12 states are: Andhra Pradesh (20), Assam (11), Bihar (13), Goa (2), Jammu & Kashmir (2), Karnataka (17), Madhya Pradesh (13), Maharashtra (25), Manipur (1), Orissa (11), Tripura (2), Uttar Pradesh (17) and Jharkhand (8). Voting for the remaining assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh (140) and Orissa (77) are also taking place today. As in the case of the first phase, violence has errupted in some parts (particularly, Bihar and Jharkhand).

In the last four to five days I visited Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesha and Nagpur in Vidarbha. In both the places, summer temperature has reached beyond 40 degree, which is three to four degrees above the norm. This could, on the one hand, adversely affect voter turnout, and, on the other, dampen the electioneering spirit. The third phase campaigning needs some thandai.


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  2. The scale is staggering..

    Live in Haryana so will vote in the fourth phase.