14 February 2010

In Love, For Love, From Love, To Love...

In love there is no Miss only Bliss.
Love is never Lost it Lasts.
In love we are always Assured never Anxious.
In love we are United never Unsure.
In love there in no Pain only Praise.
In love there is never Other One but only Oneness.
Love is never Over it is always Over-flowing.
Love Reaches never Ditches.
In love You and Me are ONE not Us.
Love is Pure not Possessive.
Love is Enhancement not Excitement.
Love is Space not Spice.
Love is Spiritual not Special.
Love is Perennial not Personal.
Love is Care not Control.
Love is Share not Show.
Love is Glad never Sad.
Love is Insight not Sight.
Love is Divine not Only Mine.
Love is Flow not Feel.
Love is Twinkle not Tear.
Love is Heal not Seal.

(I received this Valentine's day message from Shri Laxmikant Singrodia via email.)

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