29 July 2010

In the Midst of Rain

In the midst of rain,
Suddenly, I get up in pain,
I have a sty again,
I blink my eye in vain.

In the midst of rain,
Gushing like a train,
In swirling chain,
Water ebbs down the drain.

In the midst of rain,
Farmers toil for our grain,
The Physiocratic brain,
Considered them in the main.

In the midst of rain,
Amen! Amen!

(A thought for monsoon. The first stanza is a personal expression. In the last one and a half months I have been afflicted by a sty for six times, each one debilitating me for three-to-four days. I had earlier written on a similar problem Sleep, Leap and Beep. The second one is on nature and the third is an ode to our farmers. But for them, we would all go hungry. Jai Kissan!)

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