03 May 2011

The Formal Program Begins at Washington DC

The formal program 'Food Security and Sustainable Development' under the aegis of 'Internationan Visitor Leadership Program' began at the Meridian International Center on 2nd May 2011. After a formal welcome and a detaing of the events to follow in the course of the next three weeks and sorting our of the logistics we were taken to Ris for lunch - a nice place. From there we went to the International Food Information Council who are engaging with the different stakeholders so as to give a balanced view to the people to make them informed choice. There are possibilities of exploring such media interventions in India. The Centre for Media Studies in New Delhi may be one to begin with but there are others spread across he country.  In the evening we went to the Millenium statge at the Kennedy Center for Perfoming Arts where free performances are given by artists everyday at 6.00 pm (they can be seen on line also). In the evening spent some time at th Dupont circle.

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