08 April 2012

I will not enter into deals

I have been hit below the belt,
The agony is still being felt.

Please give me some time,
It is not just loosing a dime.

Well, it was a real hard blow,
I have seen harder ones though.

True, there is nothing so new,
When one has a different view.

The bruises will start to heal,
I will now take on with zeal.

This will also soon pass over,
As one starts with new fervour.

But, I will not change my values,
And, I will not enter into deals.

(Being hit below the belt can refer to a personal crisis but it can also refer to a larger crisis like the 2008 financial crisis or the current European crisis or even the problems that led to the Arab spring or other aspects that can be related to Easter or Passover or similar aspects in other religions. In such situations, one can replace I, me and my with we, us and our respectively. Further to have an impact while singing in a group, the first two lines can be repeated before every couplet. Keeping in line with the message from Easter/Passover one has kept the last line, and not the first one, as the title. For an earlier version, see Friends, give me some time, written on Good Friday.)

© Srijit Mishra, 8 April 2012, Easter/Passover

[Comment added on 13 April 2012: To move out from a low to high the poem could be recited twice. In the first instance, the first two lines are repeated before each couplet whereas in the second instance the last two lines are repeated after every couplet. Today is Maha Bishuba Sankranti/Bihu/Vishu. Have lots of juices for the upcoming summer and keep yourself well hydrated while humming the lines.]

Added 25 April 2012: On an academic front, if you are interested in Why Parties Enter Into Unfair Deals see the paper by Justin Malon.

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