20 May 2013

India's best dramebaaz

India's Best Dramebaaz is a reality show for 5-12 year old children that is different from many others. Unlike many other shows the children are not stressed and seem to be enjoying while learning and honing not only their acting skills but also lessons in life. The concepts are educating for adults too.

I was tempted to write this after the play depicting farmers predicament (18 May 2013, starts at 18th minute). In the act, Aditya was brilliant and the judges have already conveyed that and I cannot add to it. But, what is even more commendable is the concept and the message that was portrayed that taking ones life is not the solution. A socially relevant issue was handled very sensitively. It also has lessons for reportage.  Kudos to the mentors and the judges.

Of course, the sensitivity with which issues are handled is true of many other acts such as pressure of studies on children, caring for old parents, the environment and many others while opening up our eyes to history, culture and other contemporary issues. I am not elaborating on those. The reason for speaking about a particular theme could also be because of my own related research on Maharashtra or about Agrarian Crisis in India leading to possible solutions in rainfed agriculture among others.

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