14 June 2014

The Dutch Show

Four years ago, the goal SPUN;
Today is another day of fun.

It looked like a continuation of the show,
Till Van Persie changed the flow.

He flew like a wizard without a broom,
Playing Quidditch, our next Viktor Krum.

The second beauty from Blind was to Rubben,
He ensured to amend that miss of 2010,

Van Persie was waiting for his second,
That will haunt Casillias till his end.

Now, it looked like a high school game,
With de Vrij getting the first ever to his name.

The goal rout ended with Rubben's second shot,
Completing demolition like he was Voldermot.

On a Friday the 13th with full moon in glow;
The Spaniards faltered in the Dutch show.

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Acknowledgements: The essence and flow, particularly the Harry Potter connections, came while discussing with my daughter Nerika during the match and it happened to be her lunar birthday (the full moon). The connection to Friday the 13th was mentioned by a friend, Babjuji Bose, in a virtual closed group, Adda. My apologies for using the word Voldermot. It is not meant to show Rubben in a negative light, but to indicate the precision and vengeance with which he ended the demolition of the opponent, perhaps to exorcise the ghosts of 2010.

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