26 September 2014

A stroll from troll

The world is increasingly becoming virtual,
With friends having full freedom to stroll,
Even when one restricts posts on ones wall,
There is always the danger of a troll.

A real-life banter can also end up in brawl,
Breaking a bone or two can be for real,
It is no consolation for the Internet scrawl,
When your friendly foe holds you on trial.

Their slander campaign will make you boil,
Slowly and steadily it could drain your fuel,
Engage with utmost care to avoid turmoil,
Conserve for larger issues that need your gruel.

If a troll is still making life a hell-hole,
A stroll will keep you away from that troll.

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[PS: Edited on 27 Sept 2014 where I replaced the last two lines. The earlier version was: 'If a troll is still taking your toll,/A stroll will take you on a roll.'] 

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