07 March 2015

The search for the unknown

The search for the unknown

The search for the unknown, 
Has baffled one and all.
The path of science has been reason,
The faithful invoking spiritual call.

Some look hither and thither,
To fathom a piece of that infinity.
Making sense of that unending wonder,
That leads them to that singularity.

Others dwell deep within,
Meeting thyself becomes profound.
Unravelling from that bottomless bin,
An act where prose and poetry abound.

One knows not from where,
That intuition comes to facilitate reason.
Or, how logic seems to be there,
To justify the act of a spiritual person.

The mere mortal is confused,
Thy understanding needs review.
So that knowledge is not misused,
And, search for the unknown continue(s).

(The motivation for this comes from many things, but I would like to highlight three of them. The first being my reading of "The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan" by Robert Kanigel, which is a gift sent by a mentee-cum-colleague, Durgesh Pathak. I immensely enjoyed reading the book and it was a pleasant surprise. The second is a poem I read in a closed facebook group "Adda e-cafe". The poem was written by Vinita Agrawal where the last line read "how much of me I still need to meet." The third is the increasing incidences of misuses or abuses of both science and religion.)

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