05 May 2009

Women Power

Today morning I finished reading My God is a Woman by Noor Zaheer. This is a must read for all those concerned about gender divide in general and that of the Muslim women in particular. After keeping the book aside, as I was still wondering in my thoughts and glancing through the morning newspaper my eyes fell on the story the first three rankers in the civil services examinations are women, 10 among the top 25 are women including Muslims, and overall there are 166 women from 801 candidates that made it. Hats off to all the women and men who made it. Women being on the top three is real good news and we hope that this trend continues and the number of women that make this also increases from the current one-fifth.

Lest we loose sight, the message from Noor Zaheer is that laws need to be constantly formed because people are constantly on the lookout to take advantage of the loopholes. Asking for rights, will always question some status quo and this would be opposed. But this journey is not to put the other side down but to tell them that we are all equal partners. It is a call for equality that all reasonable beings should support. Let us all celebrate this women power.

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